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Our Fees.

Expert advice. Competitive Price. 

Fee Structure 

Our fees are divided into 3 payments, which are payable at different stages throughout the process. These consist of: A research deposit, a submission fee and a completion fee. 

Our promise: No hidden fees, only complete transparency. 

1. Research Deposit

When you are looking for a mortgage, research is invaluable to find a good interest rate, and to discover whether the lender is suitable for your circumstances. 


Often, for a fee of only £49 we will undertake the role of finding a mortgage to the specification you give us. If we can, we obtain a full approval in principle from your potential lender, and provide you with full product details on a client illustration.


Please note, this fee is fully refundable.

Should your case be more complex than usual, then the fee will increase in line with the degree of difficulty. However, the whole fee remains full refundable. In addition to the £49, your fee may include one of the following:

£50 for adverse credit.

£50 for complex income.

£50 for a property not being located.

£50 for Ex -Pat mortgages

£100 for new build properties

£150 for barn conversions or self builds.

£200 for bridging. 

£200 for properties which are difficult to attain a mortgage. 

2. Submission

We also charge a submission fee of £99 payable on application in addition to the lender’s valuation fee.

Should a case be declined during initial underwriting and cannot be replaced, you will receive a full refund of the processing & research fee’s (unless the application is declined on undisclosed information). Should undisclosed or incorrect information cause the decline, we will retain the £49 research fee plus £99.

Should you withdraw during the application process but before valuation instruction, the submission fee will be refunded less a £99 admin fee.

The lender may charge a valuation fee and or an application fee.

The lender will have their own criteria for refunding fees. 

Their website should provide this information, but we are happy to provide, if you are unable to locate. 

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3. Completion

Completion fees are quoted to you once the research has been completed and you know full product information.


We also know how much time is involved to obtain the funding you require. 


Fees vary between £99 - £2999 and a guide will be given to you during our initial discussion.


All fees will be disclosed on your client illustration which is provided prior to the application. 

If it is necessary to change the choice of lender then we may need to re-issue our Terms of Business.

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