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Holiday Lets Up By 40%, Why Are They So Popular?

The number of holiday-let homes in England is up 40% in three years

BBC News, June 2022.

High returns possibility

Strong growth in the domestic Holiday / tourism sector, means the returns on Holiday Lets have become a high yielding and reliable investment. Research found that half of holiday let owners say bookings are still stronger than ever post-pandemic - The Holiday Letting Outlook Report 2023.

Holiday lets benefit from dynamic pricing (weekly/daily changes in price depends on the time of year), compared to long-term lets, which will set a fixed monthly rent. Often, a Holiday Let may make more in just the summer, compared to what a long term let will make in a year.

Why use us for your Holiday Let Mortgage Application

If you need a lender for a Holiday Let application, look no further.

Our team works with lenders who take a common sense approach to lending on Holiday properties, and we can find a solution that works for you.

  • Limited Company and Personal applications accepted

  • Options working from rental estimate or low/medium/high season income

  • Capital Raising for home improvements or purchase of another property

  • Personal use of property permitted up to 60 days


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