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How it works and what you need to know:

Bridging loans provide immediate cash flow so you can quickly solve a short term funding problem or take advantage of an opportunity.   


Seek specialist advice to ensure you get the finance you require, and products without lenders fees and redemption penalties.

Is it expensive?

Relatively yes, however it starts at 0.48% per month, so under 500 per month for every £100,000 borrowed. Bridging mortgages usually charge a higher rate of interest than traditional mortgages due to the short nature of the lending. This does depend upon the lender as rates can vary quite dramatically. Therefore, it is recommended to seek expert advice so you can receive a mortgage with the lowest possible rate.  


Lenders charge between 0 and 2% to set up a bridging loan. Do note that the lower the set up fee, the higher the monthly interest rate.


There is no charge when paying off the bridging loan and fees can be added.


When is a bridging mortgage useful?


For example, if you are currently living in a house worth £300,000 and have a mortgage to the value of £150,000, and want to move into a house worth £400,000 within a short time frame, a bridging mortgage may prove useful. This is because you may not be able to apply for another mortgage until current home is sold. Also, it can take a long period to sell a home due to administration and market forces, hence a bridging loan would cover you for that period of time. 

How do you pay for interest on the mortgage?

You have the option to pay for the interest monthly or add it to the loan amount. 

How to exit a bridging mortgage. 

This must be clearly thought through as bridging loans only lasts between 12 and 24 months.

The exit must be proven to have definitive and realistic time line. Examples of exits include: 

  • Sale of property or land. 

  • Remortgage.

  • Inheritance in probate.

  • Release of funds from an investment or pension. 

Unacceptable exits include:

  • Elderly relative who is unwell.

  • Building a property and selling it.

  • Obtaining planning permission.

Should the exit require a remortgage then we will process this in tandem with the bridge to ensure a swift and successful solution.