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Buy-to-Let Mortgages.

Get finance for your buy-to-let. Talk to the experts in any circumstance


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We will be in touch to seek further information about your case and discuss options available to you. 





Mortgage Offer


Experienced administrators work with you to provide the lender with all the details required to obtain a mortgage offer.

The Process For Your Mortgage.

Complete our 2 minute mortgage availability check.

3 Simple Steps.



How it works and what you need to know:

What can we do to help.

We have been operating for a long period of time and so have a huge amount of knowledge on these rules and criteria of lenders. This means we can find a mortgage on your behalf, especially if you are finding it difficult to do so. In addition to this, we will get you very competitive rate.

Investing in buy to let properties allows for a steady rental income, which is often greater than inflation and mortgage repayments. Furthermore, the property may appreciate in value over time, so a significant profit can be made when it is sold in the future. Buy to let mortgages are often necessary to allow investors to take advantage of this opportunity.

There are many lenders out there with a range of BTL mortgage products and criteria which need to be analysed to determine suitability and value for money. Some lenders work entirely on rental income, others can include clients income to supplement rent. 


Rate fees, penalties and rental coverage all add up to a minefield before you consider whether the property is acceptable and the amount of deposit required. With specialist mortgage advice, we will ensure that you get the best mortgage product.



Rent required rental calculator


£825 rent per month can achieve a loan of £200,000 

£1,000 rent = £250,000 up to 80% LTV

See how we were able to help Charlotte buy her first home with the Family Building Society

Case Study


First-time buyers Charlotte Mansfield and fiance Sam Hughes got help from The Family Building Society to make it onto the housing ladder.

Charlotte, a 27-year-old Operations Manager says: ‘We had saved up a 5 per cent deposit but struggled to get a mortgage offer from a high street lender.’

Manor Mortgages Direct and help from the family got us a great deal, We are so grateful.’

She and Warehouse Manager Sam, 28, were offered a three-year fixed rate deal at 3.29 per cent for their three-bedroom home in Bristol. Now married with a new addition to the family, getting their own property was a massive step

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