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How To Get An Expat Mortgage.

Are you living and/or working abroad, and looking to purchase or remortgage a property in the UK?
Our lenders accept over 180 countries

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UK Mortgages for British Citizens Based Abroad.

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Why Choose Us?

3 Quick reasons.


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Global Coverage

We have access to 99% of countries (except certain high-risk countries) 

Expat Lenders

Our lenders specialise in expat lending and understand overseas income.

Flexible Service

We can assist outside of normal working hours to reduce the impact of timezones.

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How it works and what you need to know:

An expat is a person residing in country they are not a national of. For instance, a UK nation living in Spain. 

Usually you will be expert help to get an expat mortgage as most high street lenders do not offer these products. Our team uses specialist lenders that have an understanding of complex international incomes, such as multiple foreign currency investment incomes, offshore investments and international wealth. 

Residential purchase or remortgage 

You may be returning to the UK in the near future and want to purchase a new home, have family living in the UK while you are working abroad or wish to remortgage to raise money for a second home abroad. 

Buy to let purchase or remortgage 

You may wish to purchase a BTL property for investment purposes and / or aim to live on the property in the future. Or, remortgage your residential into a BTL as you are moving abroad. 

Am I eligible? 

You must be a UK national or have a permanent right to reside in the UK. A EU settled status would be satisfactory but pre-settled status would not.


How we can help. 

Each lender has a list of countries they will consider. Often lender will not consider ‘risky’ countries so it will depend on the country that you are residing in. It is best to seek advice as we can match you up with a lender that can assist. We can help you regardless of the country you are living in (apart from a few exceptions, such as Russia and North Korea). 

Lender's policies and loan to value restrictions will vary depending on the country the applicant is working in and the nature of the employment. Furthermore, it can be difficult to do everything associated with getting a mortgage while abroad, especially when return is imminent and time zones are different.

Experience in this niche marketplace is key to a successful application. The understanding of the lenders criteria and products, and the ability to present your case positively needs an experienced human hand. Whilst, most of the process can be email based, it is crucial to have a person, and not computer at the other end.   

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