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Retirement Mortgage.

No maximum age. Trusted lenders. Expert advice. 

Find out whether you are eligible for a mortgage within 2 minutes.

30 Years Experience
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Retirement Mortgage Specialists.

Why use us?

Mortgage Advisor
Competitive mortgage rates.
Interest and repayment.
95% of applications accepted.
Access to specialist lenders.
No mortgage, no fee.



We will be in touch to seek further information about your case and discuss options available to you. 

Retirement Process Mortgage



Mortgage Offer

Mortgage Offer


Experienced administrators work with you to provide the lender with all the details required to obtain a mortgage offer.

The Process For Your Mortgage.

Complete our 2 minute mortgage availability check.

3 Simple Steps.

Retirement Mortgage


How it works and what you need to know:

Pension income is one of the most stable forms of income possible, yet lenders are loathe to use it, why?
Many lenders restrict loans to age 70 or 75, why?

Whether it is a residential or a buy to let mortgage, we have lenders who will make a logical decision and understand age is not the over riding factor. Importantly, these lenders can recognise a mortgage should be granted if you can afford it and you pay it back. In addition to this, lifetime loans are made available, which can be interest only or repayment.

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