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Limited Company Buy-to-Let Mortgage.

Rates from 5.15%. Only a 20% Deposit Required.

Maximise your Buy to Let (BTL) Mortgage.

Check your Eligibility in 2 minutes.

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Maximise Your Borrowing With a Rental Booster.

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Higher interest rates leading to rental/affordability gaps

Landlords are struggling to borrow enough to remortgage their current BTLs or purchase new properties. This is due a shortfall in lenders' rental cover calculation. 

Rental boosting mortgages

Our rental boosting mortgages can provide solutions. Using lenders will favourable rental stress tests and top slicing can boost mortgage lending significantly.  

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Standard vs. Specialist

We can help in the following scenarios: Standard AST, Portfolio landlords, Limited companies, Houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs), Holiday let, Multi-unit freehold block (MUFBs), and Let to buy.

Why Use Our Services?

Our experts can find a suitable mortgage provider.

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Exclusive Products

First Time Landlords

Low Deposit

We have exclusive products not available to the general public and other brokers.

It is more difficult for first time landlords, especially if you are not an owner occupier. We can help.

Our lenders only require a 20% - 25% deposit for your purchase / remortgage.

Limited Company Buy-to-Let Guide:

  • How do Limited Company Buy-to-Lets differ?

  • Why would you purchase a Buy-to-Let in a Limited Company?

  • Requirements

  • Why use us?

How do Limited Company Buy-to-Lets differ?

For many reasons, such as age or Inheritance Tax, purchasing an investment property using a special purpose vehicle is becoming a common requirement. This means without the use of a specialist broker it may prove difficult to attain the finance you need.

Why would you purchase a Buy-to-Let in a Limited Company?

  • Tax advantages - Interest paid on the mortgage is an exemptible expense. Stamp duty not payable on the sale if you sell the company rather than the property.

  • Transfer of the company to family members becomes relatively straightforward, as it is easier to transfer shares, than a property.

  • Larger loan amounts - lenders will advance bigger loans to limited companies as the rental calculation will be lower.

  • It is easier and quicker to create a new company for only £150. We are happy to assist you with this.  


Most lenders will only allow a SPV limited company and not a trading company. It is important to make sure you set up the company with the correct SIC code. It is possible to proceed with a trading company but please make your mortgage advisor aware of this. 

There must be a 100% shareholding and often there is a maximum of two shareholders allowed. But there has been instances of more. Personal guarantees are normally required by shareholders.

Why use us?

We will help you regardless of  whether your mortgage is straight forward or not and will provide you with a selection of the best current products in the market from the most flexible lenders. You may require a high LTV or low upfront fees and we will find a mortgage that is tailored to your needs.

We have been operating for a long period of time and so have a huge amount of knowledge on these rules and criteria of lenders. This means we can find a mortgage on your behalf, especially if you are finding it difficult to do so. In addition to this, we will get you very competitive rate.

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