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Apply for a Mortgage with a Recent or Current IVA.

Get a mortgage despite an ongoing or recent IVA. Borrow up to 5 times your income.

Check your eligibility in 2 minutes.

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Individual Voluntary Arrangement? We can help.

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Minimum 10% deposit required

Only a 10% deposit is required if you have been discharged for over 3 years, and a 20% - 30% deposit is required if less than 3 years. 

Our lenders consider IVAs

We have over 25 lenders on our panel that accept IVAs. There are plenty of options still available to you, however, it will require the assistance of a mortgage broker to access these lenders. 

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Credit Report

Assess your credit report

It is important to have an up-to-date credit report to assess the impact of your IVAWe recommend using a 30-day free trial with checkmyfile.

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Our fully qualified FCA advisors will identify a suitable mortgage for you.

Our lenders specialise in helping people with past credit issues.

We will compare the interest rates of over 25 lenders on our panel.

In this guide:

  • What is an IVA?

  • Will an IVA impact my mortgage application?

  • How much deposit do I need to put down?

  • How long does an IVA stay on my credit file?

  • Should I pay off my IVA early?

  • Do I need to clear my IVA before applying for a mortgage?

  • Can I remortgage to clear an IVA?

What is an IVA?​


An individual voluntary arrangement is an agreement between you and your creditors to repay debts, which is legally binding. It is arranged by an insolvency practitioner.

The monthly payment and timeframe is agreed upon and interest is frozen. A lump sum payment can also be agreed. The debt is cleared at the end of the agreement. Unlike a DMP, an IVA will show up on your credit file. 

Will an IVA impact my mortgage application?

Having an IVA on your credit record will make it more difficult applying for a mortgage. It shows that you went through period of financial trouble, however, it does indicate that you took steps to resolve these issues. Mortgage lenders will want to see evidence that the payments made on the IVA were on-time and in full. Speak to a mortgage advisor if you did not manage to make all payments on schedule. 

How much deposit do I need to put down?

The deposit amount is required depends on how recently the IVA was paid off. Please see the typical deposit amounts below:

Ongoing IVA - 30% deposit is required + funds to clear the IVA on completion.

Less than 1 year since IVA - 20% is required

Between 2 - 3 years since IVA - 15% deposit is required

Over 3 year since IVA - 10% deposit required

How long does an IVA stay on my credit file?

An IVA will stay on your credit file for 6 years. You are able to check this by requesting a credit report from providers, such as Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Some lenders require a clean credit history after settling your IVA. Even if your IVA drops off your credit report, many lenders will still not consider a mortgage application as you will need to be discharged for 6 years.

Should I pay off my IVA early?

We always recommend you pay off your IVA as soon as possible. Time is one of the biggest factors when determining your mortgage options. A person who paid off their IVA 3 years ago will get a much better interest rate compared to someone who paid it off one year ago.  

Do I need to clear my IVA before applying for a mortgage?

You do need to clear your IVA before applying for a mortgage, however, it would need be cleared by completion. Typically, lenders will not allow an IVA to continue throughout the mortgage and will require this to be settled. Speak to your IVA provider to discuss the process of settlement and how much is required to clear this.  

Can I remortgage to clear an IVA?

It is common to remortgage and clear an IVA when you are in a stronger financial position. It is important to determine how much is required to pay off the IVA and if it makes financial sense to settle this. Lenders will typically require at least 30% equity in the property to consider a remortgage. It may also be possible to apply for a second charge to clear the IVA, instead of a remortgage.

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