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Unusual Property? We Can Help

We have lenders on our panel who accept properties that Highstreet will decline. What's more, we have direct access to lenders' key decision-makers so we can present difficult cases with a high success rate.


The Challenge

Recently, a client came to us with a seemingly unplaceable mortgage.

The applicant was looking to purchase an idyllic property surrounded by a lake, on its own Island.

The Solution

We identified a suitable lender from our Specialist Panel, and successfully presented the case to them.

Our expert Underwriting team packaged the case and obtained an offer at a competitive rate despite the challenging circumstances.


The Challenge

Our client wished to purchase a flat, which was situated above a hairdresser and next to a takeaway.

LTV required was 75% and the major shareholder had a poor credit history to add to the challenge.

The client had been turned away by Highstreet lenders.

The Solution

Our expert advisors identified a suitable lender from our panel. We successfully presented the case directly to the lender's Head of Underwriting and arranged a mortgage at competitive rate.


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